Maklumat Peserta KPLR2009 - terkini

Sila semak no. bilik dan rakan sebilk masing-masing disini, guna filter untuk mudahkan carian. Hubungi urusetia jajahan jika ada kekeliruan. Agihan bilik ini adalah untuk melicinkan urusan check-in di Hotel Florida kelak. No. bilik sebenar hanya akan diperolehi setelah tiba di sana.

Practice Good Peloton Etiquette

Practice Good Peloton Etiquette
- Everyone in the peloton has to contribute to the workload. That means taking your fair share of pulls at the front. It’s ok to do shorter pulls, especially if you are tired. Just do a token pull, indicate and pull off to the right & back after you’ve established it is safe to do so.

- When you go to the front, always keep a constant & steady speed. Do not accelerate or show how fast you are. It is not a race, moron!
- Typically everyone climbs at their own pace. So after a climb, recover & regroup before setting off again.
- Do not pull too long at the front. Always reserve some energy

Ride single file

- It is illegal in some areas to ride more than two abreast. Avoid doing this.
- In our country, the roads are narrow and winding. It is better to ride single filed in this case, unless it is safe to ride a double pace line.