Start and Finish : All rides Start/Finish at Padang Katong, Kangar Perlis
Route : Kangar – Wg Klian - Hatyai - Padang Besar - Kangar

Distance : First Day 2 Oct = 140km (Kangar to Hatyai)
Second Day 3 Oct = 100km (Hatyai to Kangar)

Closing Date (Registration & Payment) :

15th Sept 2010. Limited to 200 riders only.

The Ride :

• 02th Oct Time 07.00 - Meet at Padang Katong, Kangar Perlis. Ride from Pdg Katong - Wang Kelian approx. 37 km. Regroup at Wang Kelian for documentation & breakfast. Lunch at KM 110. Day 1 finish at 140km at Hotel Florida, Hatyai

• 03th Oct Time 10.00 - Regroup for departure. Route Hatyai - Sadao - Pdg Besar - Kangar approx 100 km. Regroup at Padang Besar for documentation.

The Concept:

1. No speed limit. Please ensure you a safe to reach the hotel.
2. Self organize, self reliance and independent. Whoever loss in Hatyai just get Motocycle Taxi (Yellow Jacket Rider) to accompany you to Florida Hotel.
3. Food and Water station at your own preference.
4. Your baggage will be organize by your own support team.
5. We cater your accommodation.
6. Prepare your documentation and release letter.
7. This is not a Jamboree nor Race either, but care on your quality ride
8. No Marshall or people to show you direction, just check on BLOG all the guidance.

Rule of The Road and The Ride :

1. Know ur' pace and be in group i.e. Slow, Medium or Fast.
2. For safety reasons "NO SOLO RIDE" or showing "kamikaze ride".
3. KPLR 2010 @ Long Distance Ride are 'suitable for all level from beginners to hardcore. Rides include some 'moderate' hill climbs.
4. Bring your own snack food, fluids and drink for/on the ride.
5. Spare cash money Thailand Bhat at least 300.00 Bhat.
6. Bring at least 2 spare tubes, pump, 2 water bottles and some pocket food.
7. Medium group rides are 'recreational' and those 'excited' and wanted to test their fitness, join Fast group. No Speed Limit !
8. Restricted for Roadbike and MTB Slick only.

Registration :

• Registration for KPLR : RM 60.00 only including accommodation (sharing - 3 persons), T-Shirt, Cap and Administration.
• Contact your Regional Representative: Please provide all particular:

o Name, Address, IC No, Tel No, Email Address, Team, Your Emergency Contact Person & Tel No, Pasport/Border Pass No, T Shirt Size.

Payment and Contact Person :

• ZanKX ~ h/phone 019 5775488 - Perlis, Alor Star & Jitra - CIMB Bank Acc No: 0901-0002401-20-8 for HASLIZAN HASSAN.
• Ramly sp ~ h/phone 012 9385016 - Sg. Petani, Baling & Gurun
• Estima h/phone 019 5587511 ~ Manjung, Perak - Johor. Bank Acc No: Maybank 158293517375 for SHARIFUDDIN MOHD SUFI.
• Tok Megat ~ h/phone 012 423551 - Kulim, Gerek Gunung, MKH & Penang - MBB Acc No: 107117294127 for MEGAT ABD HALIM.

Before Your Ride :

• Make sure your bike is in good condition. Get 'slick' or semi-slick tires.
• Bring/check your spare tubes, pump, some pocket food.
• Border pass, International Passport.
• Money - at least 300.00 Thailand Bhat.
• Hand phone (make sure it's roaming enabled).

Last But Not Least :

• Learn some basic Thai words (click).
• Have fun in our "KPLR Ezi Ride and Epi Cranking "

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